SvD: “Companies create their own media houses”

SvD published an article this week that is well worth reading. It’s about how more and more companies are choosing to invest in web TV to become their own media houses:

Link: “Companies create their own media houses” (Hanna Dunér, SvD – April 10, 2012)

The article highlights, among other things, a trend where several larger companies are now re-prioritising in their advertising investments and instead choose to communicate more in depth through their own channels where they can decide the content for themselves.

We at Streamio help our customers, large and small, to create and manage their own web TV channels on a daily basis, and for us there is no doubt whatsoever that more and more people have now realized how effective mobile communication through their own channels can actually be, both in external and internal communication.

We are also convinced that this is not a trend that mainly involves large companies with large budgets – on the contrary, we believe that the greatest change and growth in the next few years will be among companies, organisations and authorities with more limited budgets.

The reasons for this are several:

Distribution costs fall
The cost of creating your very own web TV channel has fallen dramatically in recent years (for example, we at Streamio offer a free test-account and a a starter kit for only 50 euro a month!).

Production costs fall
The cost of producing own content has also fallen dramatically. In some cases, it is important to invest more resources in professional production, but in many cases you can easily create your own content for different target groups that   are not only in demand and appreciated, but also lower costs and increase sales.

Simplicity and ease of use
It no longer takes any sophisticated technical expertise to create and manage your own communication channel on your own website, intranet or social media. A web TV channel can now also be integrated into the customer’s existing CMS, making it even easier for more employees to quickly and easily update and distribute moving content to the right audiences.

Return on Investment (ROI)
With their own web TV channel, everything is measurable and companies can quickly test and evaluate the results and (cost) effectiveness of everything they do.

Humanize Your Brand – or Die!
Last but not least, we believe that mobile communication in our own channels will become increasingly important for humanize brands – thanks to social media, employees, customers and partners increasingly expect to be able to see, hear and interact with the people behind the company, organization, products or services.

In addition to face-to-face meetings, mobile communication is by far the most effective way to humanize your brand in the way you want.

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