Newly uploaded movies buffer or have pauses playback

How come a newly uploaded video buffers or pauses playback?

When you recently uploaded a video to Streamio it can buffer or pause the first time you view it.

When a video file is uploaded to Streamio it goes through several stages.

  1. First the video is received and analyzed.
  2. Then it is sent to our encoding farm which encodes the video to several flavours optimized for playing on different devices – such as mobile devices like iOS and Android telephones, or custom video formats specified by the client.
  3. When the video files are ready they are moved to our video storage library, which can be seen in Streamio’s online video platform (OVP). This video storage system also works as the base library for all nodes, called “origin server”. Storing all clients videos on 50+ locations all the time would be extremely costly. Instead a video is moved to a POP when needed and then it is cached on that location for at least 24 hours after the last play. Therefore you can experience buffering the first time a video is viewed from your location, but it should be working good after that!