Readable: How GM uses video on the intranet

Troy Dreier has published an article on about how GM uses video on its intranet, it’s definitly worth a read.intranet video

The article describes, among other things, how GM distributed simple video cameras to a number of employees and allowed them to make shorter video reports from the field. When the video reports was published on the company’s intranet, they became hugely popular and gave employees a better insight into and understanding of how things worked in different parts of the group.

Some of the lessons they have learned so far from the project:

1) The reportage should not last longer than 3-5 minutes.
2) Publish no more than 2-3 video reports per day on the intranet.
3) Make sure that, for example, the CEO or other manager, is sometimes involved in the report.

GM also shares its experience with live broadcasts from various corporate events.

According to GM, only 20% of employees attend or watch a live broadcast – the absolute majority of employees watch the event afterwards, which should be taken account for investing larger sums of money to conduct a professional live broadcast. Meaning that you should use a plaform where your live stream is automatically saved for on demand viewing at a later time.

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