Trim video in Streamio

When we launched the automatic recordings of live video, a new challenge soon appeared – a live stream is rarely properly trimmed – but now there is a solution!

In Streamio, for some time now, all live streams are automatically recorded (unless it’s turned off, of course). Together with the tagging of recordings, we get a useful tool to continuously publish live video and recorded segments automatically to the right place. Each start and stop in the stream automatically results in the last recording being uploaded and published correctly.

However, there is a difference between live and recorded. Live events usually contain a lot of time at the beginning and end when you change speakers, test, wait for someone or something – you don’t want that with the recorded variant.

Edit start and stop

Now there is a simple and easy-to-use editing built into Streamio. A uploaded movie is cropped with a start and a stop clip. Clip times can be set manually or by watching the movie and selecting the point of the clip.

The original is always kept safe

Streamio always saves the original film – in this way, you can generate new encodings as needed in the future – or, as with this new feature, create new cuts!

When you create a clipping, the old versions are deleted and the movie is queued up to be re-coded in the different formats used in the account. As soon as this is done, the movie is playable again.

Have you tried Streamio Live?

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