Manual playlists – select and sort!

With Streamio’s archive player you can easily publish a player that displays one or more playlists. It is called Archive player and now you get better control over the content!

Playlists can now be made in two ways: Either you manually build them as shown below. Or you can create lists in the “old” way by dynamically collecting movies that have been tagged with a particular tag. The differences between these are:

Manual playlists

With the new manual playlist feature, you can control the order of the movies and manually choose exactly which movies you want to include. The handling is completely manual and therefore gives precise control over which movies should be included in the list.

Automatic playlists

Automatic playlists also have their place. These playlists are automatically updated when you add movies tagged with any of the tags an auto playlist is built by. This makes it easy to control the content of many playlists by specifying tags on each movie that place the movie in lists.

Below we quickly show how the new manual playlists are built up:

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