Managing your Subscription Plans

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In a previous blog post, we described how easy it is to create multiple Free Trial accounts for yourself and/or your clients.

So how do you manage subscriptions plans for each individual account? As usual, we have tried to make this really, really simple for you.

To manage the subscription plan for any given account, simply go to “ACCOUNT SETTINGS” and click the “Subscription Plan” link.


To upgrade this account, select the subscription plan that meet your needs by clicking the appropriate “Select Plan”-button.

If you are upgrading from a Free Trial account to one of our paid Subscription Plans,  you will be asked to provide your payment/credit card information. Once the payment has been cleared, you’re all set and the account will immediately be upgraded to the subscription plan you have chosen.

Please note that your subscription will automatically be renewed every 30 days, until you decide to change your subscription plan or terminate your account.


To downgrade any given account, simply follow the same steps described above. However, in order to successfully downgrade an account, you will need to make sure that you don’t store more content/files on this account than is allowed in the subscription plan you are downgrading to. If you have too many files stored, we suggest you simply delete unnecessary/unwanted files to fit the storage allowance for the new subscription plan.

And yes – you can downgrade any paid subscription plan to a Free Trial account – just make sure you don’t store more than 1 GB of content/files on the account.

Please note, however, that when you downgrade your subscription plan, the changes will take place at the end of the current subscription period.


Should you want to terminate your account, you can do this just as easily – just be aware that all content/files will immediately and permanently be deleted and there’s no “undo”.

So, just to be on the safe side, you may want to consider downgrading to a Free Trial account first until you are 100% certain you are ready to permanently delete the account.

We hope you will find this feature useful.

If you have any questions, just beep us an e-mail.


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