Content Producers? Manage clients’ video content for FREE!

Here’s a handy little tip to all you content producers out there who manage online video content on behalf of your clients – sign up for a FREE Streamio account and you will be able to manage all your clients’ online video content for FREE.

Yes, you read it right. Free.

Here’s how you do it:

1) Sign up for a FREE account.

2) Sign in.

3) Click on your account name (on the upper left) and create a new FREE account for one of your clients.

You will now have created a separate client account with 1 GB of free storage and 1 GB of free traffic per month 5 GB of free storage and 25 GB of free traffic per month.. You can now start uploading their online video content to their account, invite them as users, etc.

If your client needs more storage or traffic capacity, just invite them to login themselves and upgrade their account to a monthly subscription plan that meet their specific needs.

4) Repeat step 3 for all your respective clients.

See, thanks to our Smart Account Administration feature, we’ve made it extremely easy for content producers to create separate accounts for all their respective clients and manage them individually. Each account can be upgraded, downgraded or terminated by the customer themselves whenever needed.

For you, this means that you have now created a simple, yet smart way to effectively manage video content on behalf of your clients…

And how much will this cost you? Zero. Zip. Nada. Niente.

We hope you will like this feature as much as we (and several of our existing clients) do.

If you have any questions, just beep us a mail.

Your Resident Geeks @ Streamio


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