Improved test accounts

Posted January 18, 2016

Our free test accounts has been upgraded to allow our users to really try out our Online Video Platform. We now allow 5 times the storage – 5GB of free storage per account for videos. And the distribution is 25 times larger – 25GB of transfer. 25 GB of transfer equals more then 50 viewing hours of video in Streamio HQ 480P so it gives plenty of  room for video distribution. We still give full access to our API, if you want to integrate Streamio’s video storage, encoding and distribution functionality (great for developers) and our worldwide distribution.
Two changes to our terms of service will require the test account users attention:
Videos uploaded or changed in any other way on test accounts will carry a Streamio watermark. An account upgraded to any of our paid plans will have the watermarks removed.

Also from now on, we require user activity in order to provide this free lunch – test accounts need to be renewed every month – failure to do so will freeze the account and after a grace period it will be deleted. Paid accounts do not require renewal.  All terms and condition are posted at

We hope you will enjoy our large and free test accounts!

Live stream interview, low latency

Posted May 27, 2015

Live stream interview, low latency A new case published by Rackfish with live streaming under extreme circumstances using Streamio Live. Rackfish CDN is used for a massive distribution in the Nordic countries, with around 15 different streams distributed for different purposes and live RTMP-streaming for low-latency streaming for interaction with visitors. Low-latency streaming is one Read full article

Problems with short links and film administration

Posted October 25, 2014

Update 2 – Problem is now resolved: Streamio is using a service for genereating short links, Today, Saturday the 25th of October, links to was blocked as “unsafe” by Google and Firefox, since they have detected that some of these redirects go to unsafe pages. This affects Streamio in two ways: Administration Read full article