Video encoding for Streamio

Video encoding for Streamio from Rackfish

Read about the setup of Streamio’s video encoding cluster. Rackfish Managed hosting has taken over the storage and delivery, as well as the encoding cluster from AWS vastly improving speeds for the Streamio users.

This article sheds some light on differences between different cloud and server solutions, and how we were able to work and both reduce costs compared to the public cloud as well as improve performance and reliability. Rackfish has, step by step, taken over all parts of Streamio since the acquisition and now runs:

  • WordPress hosting for public websites
  • Managed servers for running the application
  • Managed servers for the video encoding cluster adapting all videos to the delivery format
  • Managed media servers for delivering content to CDN
  • Rackfish CDN, content distribution network that puts all content close to the viewer, regardless of where they are.

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