Uploading large video files of any size

Streamio is continuously updated according to our users’ wishes. Now we’re enabling all users to upload unlimited large video files to Streamio – making the platform a perfect place to store and share all your video content, from 15-second clips to multi-hour conference meetings.

All today’s browsers have a built-in limit on the size of files that can be uploaded, therefore it has previously been problematic to upload video files larger than 4 GB to Streamio. Finally, our developers have managed to solve the problem and you can now upload pretty much any size of video files you want, as easily as smaller video files. Upload the same way as usual!

One of the reasons we have now upgraded Streamio to handle larger files is for our users to easily use the platform for all their video needs including storing and sharing large video files, quickly and securely. By uploading your video to an online video platform like Streamio, you avoid compression that, for example, YouTube uses. In addition, you can share and download easily from Streamio while you need Youtube Premium to download video from Youtube.

Uploading large video file

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