Updated plans and pricing

We have updated our price list for Streamio for the first time in a long time!

We have primarily adapted the services to customers’ needs. No raised prices, even some reductions of prices and now we offer even more features and improvements across the board!

We now have larger packages that are suitable for large organizations that need several accounts with different security settings. Our customers has been asking for the option to have one main account (one billing) and several child accounts to use as an internal platform to publish educational videos, and one account dedicated to external videos. 

Similar solutions is now available for video producers and agencies with several customers. Now each customer can have their own log in to a Streamio account, owned by you as a producer. This means that you can offer solutions for streaming events or other short-term use such as sports broadcasts and conferences. 

We also have solutions for more advanced live streaming, such as transcoding where you want transcoding of the streams to different formats.


Read more about our updated streaming platform plans here!

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