Ticket management and pay-per-view in Streamio

There are new features in Streamio for those who want to sell (or give away) tickets to your content in Streamio. We have built an integration with Fienta.com  – a European ticketing service provider. So now you can get PPV (pay-per-view) directly in Streamio. The service is free to use, and you only pay a low cost per ticket sold (currently 3.5%). If the event is free, Fienta is also free.

Matches, concerts and courses

Set up ticket sales and offer tickets to your content. Set the price yourself and keep almost all of it. Publish the video player in a Streamio channel or on your own website. Sell access to recorded material or live-streamed content. Combine online ticket management with seat tickets, use discount codes and hidden freebies – communicate with your ticket buyers before and after the event, and so on. Read more about all the possibilities offered by Fienta.


For all who run their webinars in Streamio and have wished there was a way to register participants, Fienta now provides lots of new  options. Set up tickets, free or paid, limit the number of tickets, ask mandatory questions to ticket buyers and create reports afterward.

Available now!

The features are available today on all Streamio accounts (yes, even our free trial accounts). Read more about how to get started on Streamio Support and Fienta.

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