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Live transcoding enhances the quality of your live streams by customizing them for each visitor. Stream with higher quality without affecting some users with poor connections!

Learn more about live transcoding & automatic adaptation

Live transcoding

Live transcoding is a technique where a high-quality stream is transmitted and automatically processed into a number of lower-quality streams. All streams are then made available to the viewer.

Automatic alignment

The player automatically selects the level of quality that the user's device and connection can handle. It can vary over time, and the user can change it manually. This is sometimes called ABR (adaptive bitrate streaming).


With live transcoding and ABR, you can easily send a stream to Streamio that is adapted so everyone can receive it. Ideal when you want to be able to press the envelope for content that requires a bit more.


Here you will find a support article describing how easy it is to get started with transcoded live streams.

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