Streamio goes Social…!

We are very happy to announce the addition of a number of new features that we believe will be highly appreciated by anyone who wishes to manage their Online Video content more effectively:

Publish your videos in social media channels
We have updated the Publish-section and now made it possible for anyone to publish any individual video to all the most important social media channels – YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

video for social media

With a single click, anyone can now publish an update to one or more social media channels from within Streamio and attach any video uploaded to their account. This way, your videos can be distributed in more channels and thus reach a much greater audience than if you only publish your videos on a single website or YouTube channel.

We have also added more options to those of you who would like to upload videos to your existing YouTube channel. You are now able to add your own custom tags, select categories, and much more.

Smart Video Analytics across all Channels
We have also updated our Video Analytics section, so that you are now able to easily track and see in which channels your videos have been published and how many views each channel have generated.


This creates an awesome opportunity for you to test and see which channels and social media actually respond most favorably and effectively to the video content you publish.

For those of you who want more in-depth data and analytics, we have made sure that you still have the option of connecting your Streamio video players to your existing Google Analytics account.

We hope you will love these new features as much as we do. We will add many more channels in the near future, so make sure you check back in here on a regular basis!

Do you have any questions?
Feel free to contact us and we will help you!