Streaming plans – choosing the right Streamio plan!

Streamio provide different streaming plans in order to cater for different audiences. All our pricing is based on amounts of videos stored on the platform combined with the amount of videos sent out, sometimes called viewing-hours. We don’t charge for hard-to-understand-and-predict metrics such as request. We don’t charge extra for encoding of movies on the platform (or re-encoding when needs change). And we do provide support if you are stuck. For developers, we have free APIs if you want to integrate our functionality in other platforms.

streaming plans with worldwide distribution
Stream to the world!

Another thing that differs between many providers it that we have a true worldwide CDN, that means that we can distribute videos all over the world. Quite often our competitors limit their streaming plans (no presence in Africa or South-America is quite common) or by pricing different regions differently. Or, even worse, they don’t use a CDN – relying on distribution from their servers only.

Our Test accounts differs from the other accounts in a few ways: It’s free to use, it adds the Streamio logo as a watermark to videos distributed and it requires monthly renewal (don’t fear, we will remind you!) – you can at any time upgrade to our paid plans to lift the watermark and renewal requirement.

Streamio’s recommendations

If you are new to our service: Start a test account now and try it out! Even the API is available for developers wanting to develop video-integrations! If it does what you need, either stay here or upgrade to our paid plans! We will remind you when you need to renew.

Paid plans are priced after a commitment of usage. Our prices are low. In fact, they are really low if you take into account the transfer and storage included, free encoding of videos and the worldwide distribution! If you use more transfer that you have committed to you will have to pay an overage fee. You will get a mail as soon as you hit this mark (and you can keep an eye on the usage yourself on the Streamio Dashboard). Over usage (overage) is more expensive than monthly commit – so if you expect the traffic level to continue at this level you should consider upgrading your account to get more transfer.

Basic, Standard and Premium accounts

The difference between these streaming plans, which all are full-blown Online Video Platforms, is the capacity. From 50/50 GB storage and transfer, via 250/250 GB to 500/500 GB these accounts works fine for the vast majority of users. Custom accounts take care of the rest.

Custom streaming plans

Above Premium accounts, all accounts are “custom”. We tailor these for your needs by adding transfer and/or storage. Some clients use huge amounts of storage for a video archive, but not much bandwidth. In that case, we can provide an account that fits perfectly.

Check out our plans below! You can also find streaming under Account Settings – Subscription plan, when logged into Streamio.

Streamio OVP subscription plans

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