Live streaming statistics – results within 5 seconds

We’ve long integrated Streamio with Google Analytics, because many of our customers use it (Read here to learn how to link Streamio to Google Analytics)-but sometimes it’s not advanced statistics creators are looking for, but answers to the question: How many people watched?

Stats are crucial during live streaming. If you can get instant feedback on how viewers behave, you can adapt to it.

Live streams now appear in Streamio's tab for statistics

Follow the number of viewers directly in Streamio – updates occur within seconds of a viewer arriving or leaving

Live stream statistics

Now we have the answer to that question – under Streamio’s statistics tab there is a newly launched live stream statistics feature that displays near real-time data for the built-in live stream in Streamio. You can select intervals to pick up a specific period afterward if you so wish.

The graph shows the number of page views where the live streaming player is embedded; this applies to page views from players embedded in web pages, short links, as well as views where Streamio’s Play channels have been the source.

It also shows the number of “starts” simply showing how many times you have started the live stream.

The function is simple and updated very quickly, a few seconds after a viewer has connected or dropped out, this is reflected in the graph. Try it yourself now – start a live stream and see statistics right away

More statistics in GA

The previous integration of Google Analytics remains for those who want deeper statistics integrated with other web statistics for the company or organization. It is possible to integrate both players and channels directly with Google Analytics, which also makes it easy to split statistics between different accounts on Google Analytics – good if you want certain impressions to end up on, for example, a customer’s own Google Analytics.

More about Streamio Live

Streamio Live is packed with smart features, and it’s included free of charge in all Streamio accounts. You can stream directly from mobile phones to web pages, short links and Streamio Channels.

Also, Streamio can automatically record everything that is broadcast, and also publish life-keeping to channels or playlists immediately when it ends.

Live streaming works for computers as well as mobile phones, and it’s easy and quick to get started.

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