Protect your movies with Streamio’s security features

Streamio Security

First, it should be said that it is never safe to publish anything on the Internet. We always read about data leaks – so the basic rule is: Don’t publish things that are sensitive on the Internet. One of the biggest dangers is the user. Even though you can stop a lot, you can’t prevent a user from recording a video he is watching. That said, we offer a number of security features in Streamio that limit the risks of online video!

Two-factor authentication login

The fact that user accounts remain after staff stop or someone uses an unsafe password, allows a disgruntled former employee, or someone who has come across an employee’s login (many uses the same password in several places) to make a mess. That’s why we’ve added two-factor authentication to Streamio.

It works exactly as usual when you log in, then you wait for an email with a code required to log in in step two. This stops the person who came across a Streamio password but not accessing the emails, but also the former employee who no longer has access to his email.

Password protect your video

Protect your movies with Streamio's security features 1

Sometimes you have a movie that you don’t want everyone to see. Then password protection on film is a good feature! A check in the box and password is required for all screenings of the video (in our player, via API you have to solve that by other means). Since you can set what password you want if the proposed one is not good enough, it is easy to change so that several videos have the same password.

Live stream with password

The same feature as for videos are also available for live streams. Set a password, and users must enter the right before they can start watching – choose the password yourself if you want, or use the one generated by Streamio.

Channels with passwords

You can put passwords on a channel, making it easy to use channels for different audiences without anyone finding their way in. You can even use multi-level passwords, so some movies or livestreams require passwords inside a password protected channel.

Unpublish videos

avpublicera en film

Sometimes something goes wrong! Sometimes you regret publishing. Sometimes you need consent. Since we at Streamio never publish content unless the user actively does it themselves, it is safe to upload material on Streamio – but if you have already published and need to change your mind? For every video there is the possibility to “unpublish” – this means that the movie can no longer be played in the places where the video player is posted, but gives an error message. When you are ready to publish again, you can press the same button again to publish the unpublished video.

Replace Movie

Protect your movies with Streamio's security features 2

Not one security feature per se, but if you have published a movie that turns out to contain an error, for example, you can quickly unpublish it. Once you have produced a corrected film, you can replace it with a new film, which is then re-encoded and when republished, the existing film is replaced.

GDPR-compliant distribution

Only use CDN-nodes in EU/EES

If you want to keep the films within the EU, this is a great function – we all have Streamio’s servers in Stockholm and Uppsala. Everything is hosted and owned by Rackfish AB. However, the actual distribution takes place over a CDN for videos to be distributed efficiently worldwide. However, this can be limited so that we only use servers within the EU/EEA, we call it GDPR Distribution :

Secure accounts

Learn more about security settings in Streamio

Finally, we can turn an entire account into a secure account. With Streamio Secure, the views of all videos are limited to either a particular network (one or more IP numbers), which is commonly used for company internal videos, for example. You can also limit to a certain domain, so that movies are only played in that domain – handy if you have one for example, have a training portal that requires login and you want the movies to stay there! SSL / HTTPS Of course, our movies, embeds, our website, login and streamio itself are encrypted with SSL connections. Behind the scenes, we have many more security solutions in place, in terms of attacks, file security, etc. – we own and operate our equipment and network, so we keep track of all the details – so ask if you are wondering about anything!

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