Live stream provider – Streamio Live!

Since Streamio was acquired by Rackfish, we are now also a live stream provider, under the brand name Streamio Live! And of course with the low pricing Streamio customers are used to!

Our live-streaming platform can handle everything from local streaming in Sweden – through an optimized network, to international streaming. Our technology is self-healing and chooses constantly the one of our internet providers that delivers the best performance to the viewer – all based on technology from Noction that we are the first in Scandinavia to use, not only among live-streaming providers. 

The plaform can stream live to all normal clients, Android, IOS and html5 as well as flash clients. We can convert incoming live-streams to different formats and make the outgoing stream adaptive, meaning it will adapt itself to the viewers bandwidth. 

Special functions such as the possibility to rewind in a live stream, let all viewers see the transmission from the beginning – with the possibility to fast forward to the live transmission, recording live video for our VOD (video-on-demand) Streamio. We even offer white-label solutions for those who want to base their live-streaming on our services, but under their own brand. 

An area where we have specialized the last few years is streaming from network cameras, where a fixed, weather proof camera can transmit live during years. 

Another area is low-latency streaming, streaming with very little delay – which is important in some transmissions such as games or interactive installations where the delay between the live action and the live-stream cannot be too big. An example of streaming with network cameras and low latency can be seen here

Contact us for more information about live stream delivery on +46 18 181800

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