How our customers utilize Streamio

This is how others have applied our solutions.


Recording internal training for staff is popular. Employees can easily find the current training. Repeating of operations is thus always available to everyone.

Video conferencing

Many of our customers choose to record their video conferences and then in Streamio create an archive where employees can easily access them. Perfect for those absent who need to read information conveyed during a holiday or sick leave afterwards.

Live concerts

Live concerts have become more popular than ever. The simplicity of enjoying a live broadcast in your own living room is hard to beat and with Streamio it is now just as easy to distribute the concert to the audience.


With our Rackfish Live service, we help customers live auctions with low latency. All in order to be able to handle bids in parallel over web, phone and in premises.

Video archive

Streamio makes it easy to build a video archive and use tags to catalog the videos for easy access. You choose which videos to publish or not, and you can quickly search and publish a video in it's original format or as a link.


A modern mobile phone has a good built-in camera. Together with a tripod and an external microphone, the quality of the stream is very good which is used successfully by funeral homes throughout the country.

Horse racing

For example, we broadcast and distribute horse races internationally. Together with Phosworks, we have developed a unique distribution chain that has replaced traditional satellite distribution to bookmakers.

Surveillance cameras

We help our customers with live streaming of networked surveillance cameras for conversion and delivery to the web.

Religious devotionals

Services, devotionals, confirmations and mass are some examples of what we help our customers stream. Today we have several hundred churches using our platforms Streamio and Rackfish Live.

School graduation

When everyone who wants to attend school- and student graduations are unable to attend, it has become popular to live stream the event. More and more schools are now offering this service and Streamio is happy to provide an easy-to-use service.