GDPR-compliant chat for live streams

Streamio’s Live Chat is the perfect solution for communicating with viewers during a live stream. Completely without cloud services or collaborations with companies outside of Europe.

It has long been possible to embed other chats in Streamio’s channels, and many of our customers use chats from different providers together with Streamio Live. With Streamio Chat, this functionality is now available to all customers at no extra cost and in a GDPR-friendly way (many chats on the market have problems with this).

Features of the chat

In our chat, users can easily log in by entering a name of their choice and then start chatting. An administrator can follow the live broadcast in Streamio and moderate the posts (block users, delete messages or pre-moderate posts). The chat can be embedded in our channels or web pages, and we have also included short links to other Streamio features.

Consideration of privacy

We have made an effort not to store any unnecessary data and to build a GDPR-compliant chat. For example, no user accounts are created, but users specify what they want to be called in the chat. It is therefore perfectly possible to choose a non-identifiable name.

With pre-moderation, the administrator can screen all messages and ensure that nothing is posted in the chat that could be problematic for privacy – or other undesirable posts.

The administrator can delete messages or the entire chat as soon as the information is no longer needed. We have added an automatic deletion feature that ensures that no data is ever stored for more than 30 days.

IP numbers are hidden from administrators and replaced by a unique ID that cannot be traced back to the user.

Included in all plans

As an upgrade for all our users, Streamio Chat is now included in all plans – at no additional cost. More interactivity with viewers during live streams!

Frequently Asked Questions

When broadcasting live, one of the great opportunities is to get feedback from viewers and be able to adapt the content and answer questions. A live chat is the most interactive way to handle this, as viewers can also chat with each other.

The fastest and easiest way to publish a live stream with chat is to use Streamio, a mobile phone and Streamio’s play channels. You are up and running in just a few minutes, broadcasting and communicating with your viewers.

All servers used for the chat are located in the EU (Sweden) and are owned by Rackfish AB. No external cloud services are used. All users give their consent and accept the processing of data and no unnecessary data is collected, processed or passed on to third parties. We do not place any cookies or other storage with the user. All data is automatically deleted after 30 days and companies using the chat have the option to delete individual posts or the entire chat at any time.

All accounts should now have Streamio chat enabled. You can find it under the Live menu, which has moved up to the main menu from the Library. Read more about how to get started here!

There is no account management for Streamio Chat; all users choose their name and are then admitted. By using pre-moderation, the administrator chooses which messages are displayed and can also block users. You can also embed the chat on a web page protected by login, such as an intranet.

We have no plans to charge extra for Streamio Chat. We plan to keep it as an included part of Streamio.

Do you have any questions?
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