Encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive customer response to our new version of Streamio, we decided to take some time off this summer, get some (much needed) rest and then come back re-energized to continue our quest – building a simple, smart Online Video Platform that doesn’t suck!

It’s quite amazing how walking away from what you passionately live and breathe for day in and day out, if only for a couple of weeks, will change your perception on work you’ve done.

Coming back, it became clear that we’ve buildt a great application that we know our customers really likes, but that we could improve the customer experience by tweaking and polishing a bunch of small and seemingly unimportant details. As we have learned over the years, it’s not always the biggest changes that will make the biggest difference – it’s the little things that matter…
So, instead of throwing ourselves over our backlog packed with new and smart features, we decided to first take some time to polish some of the existing features.
Today, as we deploy the latest tweaks and improvements we’ve been working on these last couple of weeks, we are really pleased with the results – and we hope our customers will be, too!
We are now ready to start working on all those new and really clever features we have in line for you this fall. We will continue to work very hard to exceed the high expectations we know you have on us and we count on your continuous feedback to keep us on track.
Oh, a couple of things we should mention…
When you login to Streamio today, you may notice a few minor changes:

One more thing:

Once you’ve logged in to Streamio, you may notice that your storage and monthly traffic allowances have changed… This is not an error or system bug – we simply decided to give you all a raise! 🙂

Those of you with BASIC accounts – we’ve increased your storage allowance from 1 GB to 50 GB (!) and your monthly traffic allowance from 10 GB to 50 GB (!).
Those of you with BUSINESS or PRO accounts – from now on, you have PREMIUM accounts with a storage allowance of 500 GB (!!) and a monthly traffic allowance of 500 GB.

But… why???

Because we can.
And you’re worth it.
So, there you go.
Now, let the good times roll!
Your Resident Geeks @ Streamio