Streamio acquired by Rackfish AB!

December 20, 2013

Today, we are proud to announce to our customers that Streamio has been acquired by Rackfish AB, one of Sweden’s leading campaign hosting providers.

Through this acquisition, Streamio and Rackfish will gain a market leadership position in the Nordic hosting and video streaming industry.

“Streamio has been one of the most innovative Video-on-Demand (VOD) providers in the Nordic market. They have always been extremely customer-centric and their online service has enabled anyone to publish and distribute HD-quality Video on websites, corporate networks, mobile devices and in social media channels with ease”, says Johan Olde, Chief Executive Officer at Rackfish AB.

“As Streamio now becomes a part of Rackfish, we will be able to join forces and provide all clients with an unparalleled selection of professional services, ranging from simple Video-on-Demand solutions and Live Streaming to integrated global hosting solutions.”

For more information on the acquisition, please contact Johan Olde, Chief Executive Officer at Rackfish AB, by email ( or phone (+46 70 614 44 49).

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