4 tips for QR codes and video

QR codes help viewers find videos

Once you’ve produced your video, the biggest challenge is often finding an audience to watch the material. QR codes are a great way to reach viewers, even outside the internet.

Here are some tips on how to use QR codes. In Streamio, QR codes are automatically linked to videos, live streams, play channels and playlists. As usual, this is included in Streamio – the smartest video platform on the market.

QR codes for video instructions

Explain complicated solutions with a video – right on the packaging or manual! If you deliver a product that requires installation or instruction, it’s perfect for printing QR codes on the packaging or manual, which leads straight to an explanatory video.

QR codes in course material

Printed books and other course materials can easily be enlivened with filmed elements. A QR code makes it easy for course participants to lift their phone and get straight to the right video.

QR codes in shop windows or reception areas

QR codes attract attention! If you want to explain and demonstrate your displayed products or present your company, a well-placed QR code can be a great way to get more viewers to your videos.

QR codes in exhibitions and museums

A QR code placed next to an exhibit can show a video that tells the origin and history of the object. Suddenly, every visitor has access to their own personal guide who can tell them more about the objects that interest them. An easy way to achieve interactive immersion for those who want it.

Learn more about how to use QR codes in our support section.

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