Web TV viewing is increasingly taking users’ attention online. Video is very effective communication so it’s not a trend that will change.

If you read the definition of Wikipedia, Web TV is defined as follows: Web television is original episodic online video content produced for broadcast on the Internet via the World Wide Web. The phrase “web television” is also sometimes used to refer to Internet television in general, which includes Internet-transmission of programs produced for both online and traditional terrestrial, cable, or satellite broadcast. Today, it’s easy to use streaming (also called Webcast) to broadcast live on the Internet and then offer the same content on demand.” In practice, all kinds of movies online, that is.

Advantages of Streamio web tv

What are we trying to do with Streamio that sets us apart from other platforms?

Web TV Live Streaming

One of the reasons streamio is so much lower priced than many competitors’ webbtv services is that the service is operated by internet service provider Rackfish. With our own infrastructure in the form of server and internet capacity, we can keep prices down. Our unique optimization between different providers means that web TV broadcasts from Streamio always take the best route to the viewer. Something that definitely improves the quality!

Try free and grow with Streamio Web TV

With Streamio, there are never any oddities or hidden conditions. It is quick and easy to sign up for our free test account where you can try to both live-stream and use On-demand, with generous traffic limits. The account is not limited in time – however, you need to renew your interest monthly and on free accounts we show our channel logo!

Start broadcasting Web TV with Swedish streaming today!

It’s easy – Sign up for a free test account,read on about basic online video with Streamio, contact us via the chat in the bottom right corner, call or email and we will start the Live streaming service.

The fastest way to test live is to download Wowza Gocoder for mobile and use the built-in feature to email all settings to your mobile phone. Then email a colleague a link to the movie and start broadcasting!