In the “ANALYTICS”-section, you will find simple, relevant data for the videos you’ve published:

online video analytics

To obtain more information, click on the Title of a specific video. You will then be redirected to the Analytics page for that specific video:

ovp online video analytics

You can obtain viewing data for three different time frames:

Last 30 days

How many visitors who viewed this video during the last 30 days.

Last 7 days

How many viewers who viewed this video during the last 7 days.

Last 24 hours

How many viewers who viewed this video during the last 24 hours.

Within the time frame you’ve selected, you will find the following data:

Page Loads

How many times the page where this video is published has been visited.


How many unique visitors have visited the page where your video is published.

Video Views

How many times your video has been viewed.

Play Rate

How many visitors viewed your video, as a percentage of total visitors.

If you want more detailed data about your videos, you can also connect your video players to your Google Analytics account.

You will find more information about Event Tracking with Google Analytics here: