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The live stream is canceled

Live stream is canceled!

Calm down, we’ll help you

Exceeding Streamio’s bandwidth limit may interrupt the stream. This is normal behavior, and the stream will need to be reactivated.

Reactivate the stream under the live tab

Enable live streaming on Streamio

With how high bitrate can I stream?

Streamio limits live streams to 3000kbps (3 Mbps).

This value is not absolute, so it should be possible to set 3000kbps – we have sufficient margins in our systems to handle this, but if you go over 3000 kbps, the risk is imminent that the broadcast is interrupted or completely canceled.

Why is there a limitation?

The Bitrate limit is set based on our experience to protect your viewers. We know that a higher bitrate leads to significantly more problems.

Streamio “earns less” by having a restriction, so it is not in our own short-term interest to limit this – we want our customers to succeed in their broadcasts.

A few viewers having problems is common. Many sit on worse wifi than they think, ADSL is still common and mobile usage is, at best, unpredictable. Mobile is an increasing issue. The networks usually promise more than they can keep, especially if it comes to expecting consistent bandwidth for as long as a stream is going on, perhaps even while moving.

Our experience is that when you pass 3000 kbps per second, the number of errors increases very quickly. 2500 is our “sweet-spot” for it to work both in terms of quality and recipients’ experience. If you want your stream to work for as many viewers as possible – especially if you expect your viewers to have poor connections, then a lower bitrate is recommended.

How do I choose bitrate?

Test! It differs on a case-by-case basis what is right. Many broadcasts do not require such a high bitrate to give a good result – for example, when filming a relatively static person speaking. If it is a sport with camera pans where almost everything in the picture moves, it requires a higher bitrate.

Bitrate is not everything but also resolution; the sound and degree of compression jointly affect the result. If you lower from 1080p to 720p or lower, you get better quality with the same bitrate. If you increase the compression, you get worse quality and lower bitrate.

I want to stream with higher bandwidth

If you want to stream with higher bandwidth, we have the product Rackfish Live where there are no restrictions and where we can also use transrating/transcoding to create multi-bitrate streams.


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