I have trouble with Flash video – green screen and/or gibberish

Troubleshooting green video windows and other Flash-related video troubles

A video problem that is quite common is when the audio works, but the video displays gibberish or a green/black/white screen. Worse cases could involve the browser crashing when trying to play video.

Green video

Problems like these are often related to hardware acceleration of Flash-video, and can often be easily solved. The problems are not Streamio-related, but rather related to the visitors computer and these problems often occur with other services such as YouTube.

Test and temporary solution

Test disabling the Flash hardware acceleration. It a setting that is readily available in the Flash player settings, accessible by right-clicking on the video player and choosing “Settings…”

Uncheck the “Enable hardware acceleration” setting in the first tab of the Adobe Flash Player Settings dialog and hit Close.

Flash Player settings

If this solves the problem it is certain that the video itself is not at fault and that the problem is most likely a driver-related problem with your own computer. If not, continue reading for more possible solutions. The following steps may provide a permanent solution if you succeeded with disabling Flash hardware acceleration.

Further troubleshooting and possible permanent solution

To make sure your computer is ready to handle Flash videos, please check the following things. Further details are hard for us to provide since they differ depending on operating system / hardware / software etc.

1. Make sure your operating system (Windows / OSX) is fully updated.

2. Check that the web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer etc) is the latest version (this is an important security measure as well!)

3. Make sure that Flash is updated and the latest version. http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

4. Your graphics drivers are a likely culprit, make sure to update them to the latest version to aid hardware acceleration.

5. Check other system updates in your computer.

Being fully updated is a good thing before trying to troubleshoot further, and it will probably improve the overall security and stability of your system.

If this fails, the next thing would be to try using another browser. If that works, something is probably wrong with your current browser. A thing to check is if there is a conflict with an installed extension to your browser – try disabling them

In chrome:

Navigate to: chrome://extensions/ and try to disable any extensions to see if it works better without them.

In Firefox:

Firefox button – Help – Restart with Add-ons disabled

In Internet Explorer

Tools – Internet Options – Programs – Manage Add-ons

I am having trouble using Flash video. The screen shows green or black / white or nothing at all but audio is good. What is wrong?