Problems with short links and film administration

Update 2 – Problem is now resolved:

Streamio is using a service for genereating short links, Today, Saturday the 25th of October, links to was blocked as “unsafe” by Google and Firefox, since they have detected that some of these redirects go to unsafe pages.

This affects Streamio in two ways:

Administration of videos
Clicking on a movie in Streamio administration presently generates a warning in Chrome and Firefox. We are trying to get a work-around in place that removes the short links which would solve this. Until then, see the article below with instructions on how-to get past this warning

Links to movies via or
Links to movies that are already distributed, will show a warning to users with Chrome and Firefosx. There is no solution or work-around for this right now.

There is no security-problem with Streamio – The warning is becuase Google has found some links (669 of the 91854 pages Google recently crawled) to suspicious sites. Google confirms that Streamio is a secure place:

More information from another source with a guide on how the warning can be passed to reach secure content:

Update 16.09 CET

Bitly has now confirmed that they are working on a solution for the problem:

We have not been able to reproduce the problems with shortlinks to movies under says that they should work fine, only links should be affected.

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