Live streaming

Stream live, quick and easy!
Live streaming included in all plans.

Streamio Live - live streaming!

In Streamio, you can broadcast live, with mobile or professional equipment

Why live streaming with Streamio?

Live-stream publishing in different channels

Send directly to your website, put videos behind pay-per-view or password. Send out a short link via SMS or email and let viewers see your broadcast directly on your mobile phone.

Automatic recording of streams and automatic publishing

All live streams are automatically recorded (can be turned off) and made available as on-demand video. With Streamio’s play channels, you can choose which channel or channels to broadcast to and in which channels the recordings are to be published automatically, as soon as they are ready!

Live streaming on the best network

Our network uses several of the best operators and direct traffic exchange with even more. Our network is self-healing, so we automatically redirect traffic so that it always takes the best route – in addition, we have nodes in lots of other networks, around the world.

Included in all packages – save by using Streamio

Imagine how sweet just to buy the right sized plan for distributing all online videos and podcasts. The fact that our prices are among the lowest on the market (both for the packages and when you need to grow) hardly hurts!

Live streaming features

Video producer / communicator

  • Send to iframe on web pages
  • Publish to short-link video player
  • Create Play channels and stream to selected channels
  • Auto-recording of live stream
  • Automatic tagging of recorded video for automatic publishing
  • Customize video players
  • Channel logo in video player
  • Video player idle picture
live streaming platform

Pricing and plans

  • Live streaming is included in all plans.
  • No extra costs
  • Traffic used is deducted from the account’s traffic volume
  • Recorded video counts toward your account’s storage
  • Free transcoding of recorded movies
  • Free channels

Live streaming for production companies

Streamio is ideal for production companies – the market’s most affordable platform that solves many real problems.

Channels for all small or large gig

Live stream and publish customer movies in Streamio’s channels without them needing an account. Copy movies between accounts as needed.

Switch between accounts

It’s easy to switch between the accounts you have access to, making it easy to work with your own accounts and customer’s accounts.

The cost-effective OVP

Our packages are very affordable – buy your own account with customers who need, let customers who already have accounts let in producers to do jobs and drop channels for customers who don’t need their own.

Good prices on traffic, storage and free encoding are some other benefits – and packages especially for those who have uneven traffic needs. Streamio helps you make money from Streaming without unnecessary costs.