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Easy to create your own play channels with Streamio

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Streamio play channels

Create one or more channels with automatically published content

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Benefits of Web TV in Streamio's channels

Fast publishing in different channels

Movies are published in the right channels based on tags, with the right tag, the movie is published and ready!

Automatic publishing to the right channel

Fully automatic publishing to channels via specific upload accounts.

Live streaming to selected play channels

Live events, such as town-hall meetings or General Meetings, are live streamed to one or more channels in one click.

Easy for the communicator

Creating a new channel with selected content takes a minute. Publishing a movie is lightning fast. Create free channels with fully tailored content

Easy for the user

Clean, stylish play channels with easy use. With multiple channels, content can be optimally separated and presented.

Play Channel Features

Video producer / communicator

  • Create content play channels
  • No limit in number of channels
  • Live stream directly to selected channels
  • Password-protected play channels
  • Fill the channel automatically using tags
  • Tags become categories in the play channel
  • Connect movie to channel with tag
  • Create your own channel ID
  • Connect play channel to Google Analytics / Matomo
  • Customize background
  • Customize logo


  • Multilingual (English / Swedish)
  • Views and age of movies
  • Search video in channel
  • Filter by categories

For production companies

We at Rackfish work with many production companies of different types. Channels are ideal for those who produce video for others!

Use channels in your own account

Perfect for one-time jobs. Live stream with your own account to a customized channel. Record live stream and publish customer videos directly to the channel. The next customer gets a new channel and of course their own play channel for showreels.

Use the customer’s play channels

Create a channel for specific jobs, create a user, and automatically let all movies uploaded or streamed appear in the channel.

Cost-effective OVP

With channels, price-leading Streamio becomes even more cost-effective – pick and choose from our plans. Let the customer pay for the subscription, use their own or combine freely – quickly switch between accounts and copy uploaded material freely.

Try Streamio Web TV

Visit directly via the link: Streamio Play Demo.

This channel is created with background image, logo and paired with three tags: Country, City and 8k. The name 8k Demo is selected as the name and also as a link in the channel URL. Movies are added through our smart taggs. You can filter movies by selecting one of the categories.