Streamio OVP

Easy-to-use and feature-rich video platform

video i offentlig sektor

Streamio is built for communications officers who wish to use video. Streamio is easy-to-use, even for non-technical staff. Publishing video with Streamio is cost-effective and professional.

This page summarizes most of the functionality and features you find in Streamio Online Video Platform – don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or if you would like a demonstration!

Video library / Manage video

  • Sort and filter video
  • Play statistics in the overview
  • Select one or more for deletion
  • Select one or more for copying between accounts
  • Tag videos for easy selection
  • Titles and descriptions of videos.
  • Add custom start pictures for videos
  • Replace videos with updated versions (affects all published locations)
  • Download the original video, or an encoded version
  • Add or remove specific encodings
  • Add videos to playlists
  • Change to statistics view
  • Select a player and generate direct link/code for web site
  • Publish to FB/Twitter/LinkedIn/YouTube
  • Allow public download of video with a link
  • Password protect specific video
  • Automatically tag videos with the name of the uploader

Video storage

  • 3 copies of each file for security (pay for one!)
  • Fast storage in Sweden with outstanding bandwidth
  • Original file is always kept in the system
  • Very competitively priced packages for extended storage
  • Points-of-Precense at around 40 locations around the world to keep content close to end-users (CDN)
  • Exclude CDN storage outside EU/EES (GDPR)

Video encoding

  • All encoding is included in your plan
  • Video is encoded to H.264
  • Standard settings for mobile and desktop
  • Custom settings for you needs
  • Stream original without extra encoding
  • Create your own encoding profiles
  • Create standard profiles that are used by default
  • Encode size, bit-rate, frame-rate and sound

Video distribution

  • Stored files are converted to HLS for distribution
  • Distribution via Rackfish CDN
  • 40+ nodes around the world
  • Possibility to restrict to EU/EES distribution (GDPR!)


  • All functionality available in all plans
  • Plans differ in storage and traffic size and price.
  • Payment with credit-card or 30-day net invoice (depending on the plan)
  • Easy to switch between different accounts for users with access.
  • English and Swedish available throughout the system (on a per-user basis)


  • Password protect videos
  • Use SSL-encryption (https) as standard setting
  • Unpublish videos from Streamio without removing (video is available for editors but cannot be shown)
  • SSL-encrypted streaming
  • SSL-encrypted links
  • Two-factor authentication of users as an option
  • Use only servers within EU/EES for CDN distribution.


  • WCAG 2.1
  • Multiple language subtitles (WebVTT)
  • Auto-following transcriptions
  • Video player with WCAG2 and WAI-ARIA support
  • AA and AAA contrast with custom CSS
  • ARIA-labels (content title and description)
  • The player has application role
  • Keyboard commands for all common controls
  • Screenreader support

Ownership and rights

  • Videos are not published or used by Streamio
  • Account owner keeps full rights to the uploaded content
  • The wwner can delete all versions of a video, effectively deleting all Streamio copies.


  • Upload images to Streamio
  • Use images as Channel backgrounds
  • Use images as Channel logotype
  • Use images as player video overlay (station logo)
  • Use images as player start picture (per video)


  • Create one, or more podcast feeds in Streamio
  • FAST episode downloads via Rackfish CDN.
  • Publish sound files to podcasts by tagging
  • Use audio files in one or more podcast feeds
  • Sort episodes
  • Support for all common fields (title, description, category)
  • Support for Explicit-tagging
  • Support for podcast picture
  • XML-link for publishing


  • Unlimited users - no user-licenses
  • Primary user manage, invite and remove users per account
  • Users can access one or several Streamio accounts
  • Multiple users can work independently at the same time

Streamio Channels

  • Create channels for your content
  • No limit on the number of channels
  • Add to channels automatically by use of tags
  • Connect channels and videos with tags
  • Live stream directly to the chosen channel(s)
  • Create your channel-id
  • Connect channels to specific Google Analytics
  • Multiple language channels (presently English and Swedish)
  • Customize with channel backdrop
  • Customize with channel logotype
  • Number of video views and age shown in channel
  • Search videos in a channel
  • Tags are used as categories in channels for filtering


  • Move directly from video file to statics
  • Connect your Google Analytics for more in-depth statistics
  • Use different video-players to connect to different Google Analytics accounts (A client, a campaign for example)
  • Use categories in Google Analytics (select per player)
  • Use labels in Google Analytics (choose per player)
  • Basic overview on account level for plays and channels
  • Basic statistics for video plays for different periods.

Live streaming

  • Stream directly from almost any platform - from free to professional tools
  • Stream from mobile phones
  • Show start picture for the player, test picture when the stream is inactive
  • Choose Channels the live-stream should play in
  • Record live-streams in Streamio for later on-demand video
  • Publish as a direct link, on a web site or in Streamio Channels
  • Publish to Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter (in a separate window)
  • Customize video-player (size, Google Analytics account for example)

Advance usage

  • Clear video CDN-caches
  • Replace published videos
  • Re-encode all video streams


  • Generate automatic playlist based on tags
  • Create manual playlists
  • List, view, create and delete videos
  • Delete or remove transcodings
  • Sort manually or on dates for example
  • Create playlists, videos, players, and audio
  • Create, change and delete encoding profiles


  • Possibility to integrate Streamio in CMS, mobile applications, or web sites.
  • Link to JSON/SMIL or HLS manifests
  • Support most functionality in Streamio
  • Administrative and limited API-keys
  • Documentation:

Video players

  • Create an unlimited number of custom players
  • The single video player shows a specific video
  • Archive players show playlists
  • Different Google Analytics Account settings for each configured player
  • Upload custom start-pictures
  • Choose one player as the standard player for published videos
  • Select skins for the player
  • Customize the look of the player with CSS
  • Enable title/description/sharing and control-panel
  • Use a picture as a watermark or channel logo in the player
  • Start playing quietly
  • Autostart
  • Loop video
  • Cast to Airplay or Chromecast devices
  • Assign playlists to Archive players
  • Direct URL-link for Archive player access

Integrity and GDPR

  • Limit edge storage to EU/EES-countries, also for CDN Swedish
  • Based in Sweden - All Swedish supplier!
  • Rackfish owns the servers and other equipment (not all servers used in the CDN though)
  • Transparent, standardized agreement from Swedish IT and Telecom Industries
  • Complete customer control over uploaded material (ex unpublishing or deletion)


  • Upload audio
  • Automatic MP3-encoding of uploaded video
  • Publish audio with direct link
  • Publish audio embedded
  • Publish audio to podcasts


  • Upload subtitles
  • Auto convert from SRT to WebVTT
  • Edit subtitles in Streamio
  • Get subtitles via API
  • Connect one or more subtitles to a video
  • Use the same subtitles to more than one video
  • Use subtitle tracks as transcription
  • Turn off usage of subtitles