Streamio OVP

Easy-to-use and feature-rich video platform

video i offentlig sektor

Streamio is an easy-to-use platform for communications officers who wish to publish video -
cost-effectively & professionally

This page summarizes most of the functionality and features you find in Streamio Online Video Platform
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or book a meeting if you would like a demonstration!

Video library / Manage video

  • Sort and filter video
  • Play statistics in the overview
  • Select one or more for deletion
  • Select one or more for copying between accounts
  • Tag videos for easy selection
  • Titles and descriptions of videos.
  • Add custom start pictures for videos
  • Replace videos with updated versions (affects all published locations)
  • Download the original video, or an encoded version
  • Add or remove specific encodings
  • Add videos to playlists
  • Change to statistics view
  • Select a player and generate direct link/code for web site
  • Publish to FB/Twitter/LinkedIn/YouTube
  • Allow public download of video with a link
  • Password protect specific video
  • Automatically tag videos with the name of the uploader

Video storage

  • 3 copies of each file for security (pay for one!)
  • Fast storage in Sweden with outstanding bandwidth
  • Original file is always kept in the system
  • Very competitively priced packages for extended storage
  • Points-of-Precense at around 40 locations around the world to keep content close to end-users (CDN)
  • Exclude CDN storage outside EU/EES (GDPR)

Video encoding

  • All encoding is included in your plan
  • Video is encoded to H.264
  • Standard settings for mobile and desktop
  • Custom settings for you needs
  • Stream original without extra encoding
  • Create your own encoding profiles
  • Create standard profiles that are used by default
  • Encode size, bit-rate, frame-rate and sound

Video distribution

  • Stored files are converted to HLS for distribution
  • Distribution via Rackfish CDN
  • 40+ nodes around the world
  • Possibility to restrict to EU/EES distribution (GDPR!)


  • All functionality available in all plans
  • Plans differ in storage and traffic size and price.
  • Payment with credit-card or 30-day net invoice (depending on the plan)
  • Easy to switch between different accounts for users with access.
  • English and Swedish available throughout the system (on a per-user basis)


  • Password protect videos
  • Use SSL-encryption (https) as standard setting
  • Unpublish videos from Streamio without removing (video is available for editors but cannot be shown)
  • SSL-encrypted streaming
  • SSL-encrypted links
  • Two-factor authentication of users as an option
  • Use only servers within EU/EES for CDN distribution.


  • WCAG 2.1
  • Multiple language subtitles (WebVTT)
  • Auto-following transcriptions
  • Video player with WCAG2 and WAI-ARIA support
  • AA and AAA contrast with custom CSS
  • ARIA-labels (content title and description)
  • The player has application role
  • Keyboard commands for all common controls
  • Screenreader support

Ownership and rights

  • Videos are not published or used by Streamio
  • Account owner keeps full rights to the uploaded content
  • The wwner can delete all versions of a video, effectively deleting all Streamio copies.


  • Upload images to Streamio
  • Use images as Channel backgrounds
  • Use images as Channel logotype
  • Use images as player video overlay (station logo)
  • Use images as player start picture (per video)


  • Create one, or more podcast feeds in Streamio
  • FAST episode downloads via Rackfish CDN.
  • Publish sound files to podcasts by tagging
  • Use audio files in one or more podcast feeds
  • Sort episodes
  • Support for all common fields (title, description, category)
  • Support for Explicit-tagging
  • Support for podcast picture
  • XML-link for publishing


  • Unlimited users - no user-licenses
  • Primary user manage, invite and remove users per account
  • Users can access one or several Streamio accounts
  • Multiple users can work independently at the same time

Streamio Channels

  • Create channels for your content
  • No limit on the number of channels
  • Add to channels automatically by use of tags
  • Connect channels and videos with tags
  • Live stream directly to the chosen channel(s)
  • Create your channel-id
  • Connect channels to specific Google Analytics
  • Multiple language channels (presently English and Swedish)
  • Customize with channel backdrop
  • Customize with channel logotype
  • Number of video views and age shown in channel
  • Search videos in a channel
  • Tags are used as categories in channels for filtering


  • Move directly from video file to statics
  • Connect your Google Analytics for more in-depth statistics
  • Use different video-players to connect to different Google Analytics accounts (A client, a campaign for example)
  • Use categories in Google Analytics (select per player)
  • Use labels in Google Analytics (choose per player)
  • Basic overview on account level for plays and channels
  • Basic statistics for video plays for different periods.

Live streaming

  • Stream directly from almost any platform - from free to professional tools
  • Stream from mobile phones
  • Show start picture for the player, test picture when the stream is inactive
  • Choose Channels the live-stream should play in
  • Record live-streams in Streamio for later on-demand video
  • Publish as a direct link, on a web site or in Streamio Channels
  • Publish to Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter (in a separate window)
  • Customize video-player (size, Google Analytics account for example)

Advance usage

  • Clear video CDN-caches
  • Replace published videos
  • Re-encode all video streams


  • Generate automatic playlist based on tags
  • Create manual playlists
  • List, view, create and delete videos
  • Delete or remove transcodings
  • Sort manually or on dates for example
  • Create playlists, videos, players, and audio
  • Create, change and delete encoding profiles


  • Possibility to integrate Streamio in CMS, mobile applications, or web sites.
  • Link to JSON/SMIL or HLS manifests
  • Support most functionality in Streamio
  • Administrative and limited API-keys
  • Documentation:

Video players

  • Create an unlimited number of custom players
  • The single video player shows a specific video
  • Archive players show playlists
  • Different Google Analytics Account settings for each configured player
  • Upload custom start-pictures
  • Choose one player as the standard player for published videos
  • Select skins for the player
  • Customize the look of the player with CSS
  • Enable title/description/sharing and control-panel
  • Use a picture as a watermark or channel logo in the player
  • Start playing quietly
  • Autostart
  • Loop video
  • Cast to Airplay or Chromecast devices
  • Assign playlists to Archive players
  • Direct URL-link for Archive player access

Integrity and GDPR

  • Limit edge storage to EU/EES-countries, also for CDN Swedish
  • Based in Sweden - All Swedish supplier!
  • Rackfish owns the servers and other equipment (not all servers used in the CDN though)
  • Transparent, standardized agreement from Swedish IT and Telecom Industries
  • Complete customer control over uploaded material (ex unpublishing or deletion)


  • Upload audio
  • Automatic MP3-encoding of uploaded video
  • Publish audio with direct link
  • Publish audio embedded
  • Publish audio to podcasts


  • Upload subtitles
  • Auto convert from SRT to WebVTT
  • Edit subtitles in Streamio
  • Get subtitles via API
  • Connect one or more subtitles to a video
  • Use the same subtitles to more than one video
  • Use subtitle tracks as transcription
  • Turn off usage of subtitles