Streamio channels – custom video channels now available!

Now Streamio features channels – a fast and easy way to build your own channels for online video content. Watch the video below where we create a custom channel in less than 60 seconds!.

Your own video channel in 60 seconds

Channels available now, in all plans without additional costs

Login to your Streamio account now and start exploring channels. There is no extra cost and you can create as many channels as you like, all with different looks and content. It’s easy to get started and your channels are automatically updated as you add videos to Streamio

Learn more about Streamio Channels

If you fancy a quick overview of the functionality before you begin, we have a new support article posted here: Using Streamio Channels

Go wild – create channels and test it out!

Don’t forget that you can create free test accounts in Streamio if you feel like testing without consequences. Click on your account name in the upper left corner when you are logged in to create a test account!

Streamio OVP Updated

Today an update of Streamio Online Video Platform is release – here are some of the new features from this and some previous updates:

Replace videos

Sometimes one or more videos need changing and the video has been published to websites, maybe links to the video have been passed around and so on. New Streamio functionality allows changing the video in the Streamio platform and having it replaced everywhere it has been published, without any further updates.

New video player

Today we’ve published a new version of our video player. So far it is used when creating a new player (you can choose something else), and existing players can be changed to the latest version. We will change the Streamio standard player to use the new technology platform, but for now, custom players will be kept as is.

Streaming video player

The new player also marks a shift to a new streaming technology where we move from “progressive download” to “HLS.” HLS is a technology with video files that are divided into small pieces. HLS makes it easier to do things like changing quality mid-stream and can cut down on downloaded content while skipping around in a video for example.

Public download links

Sometimes downloading videos could be a requirement for users, and therefore we have function that makes a public link for downloading available that you can distribute to your users.

Password protect videos

Sensitive video can need a little extra protection, that’s why you can set a password on every video in Streamio and users are required to enter the right password before the video plays. Passwords are not by any means a 100% secure solution; please get in touch with us if you have security requirements and let us discuss your scenario!

Password protect videos

Unpublish videos

Finally, there’s a way in Streamio to remove, or unpublish, a video from all places where it has been made available, without actually deleting it in Streamio. If you choose to unpublish a video, it cannot be played anywhere, but it is still kept in Streamio and can be published again anytime you like.

Streamio is changing video players – important information.

Today there are four different video players available in Streamio:

  1. GO player (Player 1.0)
  2. JW Player 7 (Player 2.0)
  3. JW Player 8 (Player 3.0)
  4. Radiant Media Player (Player 4.0)

All clients who have not made an active choice is using “Streamio Player – Standard” based on JW Player 8.

JW Player has adviced us that they will raise the pricing so much that we would have to raise prices on our accounts, without offering any improved functionality or other advantages.

To avoid having to raise prices, we have integrated Radiant Media Player in Streamio. It is, in our opinion, an equally good player that we can provide for our customers without having to raise prices.

It is already possible to choose Radiant Media Player. We have also made some other improvements when integrating this new player. One is that we are now using “HLS”-streaming which can save bandwidth for our customers under certain conditions, and we have some more flexibility in the integration to Google Analytics.

Our next step is that we will remove the possibility to use JW PLayer.

Most users don’t have to change anything, and your users will not notice any significant changes. Our team is ready to help you and guide you through this process if you need assistance – please get in touch as soon as possible to discuss how we can be of assistance.


• April: information about changes
• If you have created a custom player, you can try changing to Radiant Media Player whenever you like to test the functionality.
•May 20, 2019: The Streamio Standard player will be changed from JW Player 8 to Radiant Media Player. JW Player will not be an active choice for new players.
• June 4th: Custom player created by customers will change from JW Player to Radiant Media Player. JW Player will be removed from Streamio.

Please, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns regarding this – use our web site chat or mail

Updated plans and pricing

Vi har uppdaterat vår prislista för Streamio för första gången på länge, där vi framförallt har anpassat tjänsterna till kunders behov. Inga höjningar, en del säkningar och många förbättringar!

Vi har nu större paket som passar bra för stora organisationer eller för videoproducenter med flera kunder. Lösningar för streaming från event eller annan kort-tids användning (sportsändningar, konferenser exempelvis). Vi har också lösningar för mer avancerad livestreaming, såsom transkoderingdär man vill ha transkodering av strömmarna till olika format.

Read more about our updated streaming platform plans here

Improved test accounts

Our free test accounts have been upgraded to allow our users to try out our Online Video Platform. We now allow five times the storage – 5GB of free storage per account for videos. And the distribution is 25 times larger – 25GB of transfer. 25 GB of transfer equals more than 50 viewing hours of video in Streamio HQ 480P, so it gives plenty of room for video distribution. We still provide full access to our API, if you want to integrate Streamio’s video storage, encoding, and distribution functionality (great for developers) and our worldwide distribution. Two changes to our terms of service will require the test account users attention: Videos uploaded or modified in any other way on test accounts will carry a Streamio watermark. An account upgraded to any of our paid plans will have the watermarks removed. Also from now on, we require user activity in order to provide this free lunch – test accounts need to be renewed every month – failure to do so will freeze the account, and after a grace period, the account is removed. Paid accounts do not require renewal.  All terms and condition is available here: We hope you will enjoy our large and free test accounts!

Live stream interview, low latency

Live stream interview, low latency

Problems with short links and film administration

Update 2 – Problem is now resolved:

Streamio is using a service for genereating short links, Today, Saturday the 25th of October, links to was blocked as “unsafe” by Google and Firefox, since they have detected that some of these redirects go to unsafe pages.

This affects Streamio in two ways:

Administration of videos
Clicking on a movie in Streamio administration presently generates a warning in Chrome and Firefox. We are trying to get a work-around in place that removes the short links which would solve this. Until then, see the article below with instructions on how-to get past this warning

Links to movies via or
Links to movies that are already distributed, will show a warning to users with Chrome and Firefosx. There is no solution or work-around for this right now.

There is no security-problem with Streamio – The warning is becuase Google has found some links (669 of the 91854 pages Google recently crawled) to suspicious sites. Google confirms that Streamio is a secure place:

More information from another source with a guide on how the warning can be passed to reach secure content:

Update 16.09 CET

Bitly has now confirmed that they are working on a solution for the problem:

We have not been able to reproduce the problems with shortlinks to movies under says that they should work fine, only links should be affected.

Improved Youtube-sharing

One of the advantages with Streamio is that – from within itself – it is possible to share videos directly to social media like YouTube. You can also publish to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and take advantage

of these social network’s features as well as having a “clean” Streamio movie published on the own company webpage or in a mailing.

We have improved the functionality in the YouTube sharing with some new features. You are now able to share video files:

Under Privacy Settings you can choose whether the video that has been uploaded is public (anyone can see it), unlisted (only people with

an URL to the video can see it), or private (a list of users defined by you directly on the YouTube webpage) can see it. These can consist of Google+ names, Google+ circles or specific people (email addresses).

Under Allow Comments you are able to allow comments, allow moderated comments where you accept them before they go public, or simply disallow comments altogether.


If you check the Allow Rating box, you allow users to rate your video.

The comment functionality is especially important since not everyone has the resources to monitor yet another social network and bad comments can be left unanswered. 

Live streaming without electricity and internet connection

Live streaming from remote areas without electricity and internet connections requires generator van and 4G/LTE bonding. We split the video streams between four different 4G adaptors from two different providers and then reassemble them again in our datacenter. Read more at

Live stream provider – Streamio Live!

Since Streamio was acquired by Rackfish, we are now also a live stream provider, under the brand name Streamio Live! And of course with the low pricing Streamio customers are used to!

Our live-streaming platform can handle everything from local streaming in Sweden – through an optimized network, to international streaming. Our technology is self-healing and chooses constantly the one of our internet providers that delivers the best performance to the viewer – all based on technology from Noction that we are the first in Scandinavia to use, not only among live-streaming providers. 

The plaform can stream live to all normal clients, Android, IOS and html5 as well as flash clients. We can convert incoming live-streams to different formats and make the outgoing stream adaptive, meaning it will adapt itself to the viewers bandwidth. 

Special functions such as the possibility to rewind in a live stream, let all viewers see the transmission from the beginning – with the possibility to fast forward to the live transmission, recording live video for our VOD (video-on-demand) Streamio. We even offer white-label solutions for those who want to base their live-streaming on our services, but under their own brand. 

An area where we have specialized the last few years is streaming from network cameras, where a fixed, weather proof camera can transmit live during years. 

Another area is low-latency streaming, streaming with very little delay – which is important in some transmissions such as games or interactive installations where the delay between the live action and the live-stream cannot be too big. An example of streaming with network cameras and low latency can be seen here

Contact us for more information about live stream delivery on +46 18 181800