Updated plans and pricing

Vi har uppdaterat vår prislista för Streamio för första gången på länge, där vi framförallt har anpassat tjänsterna till kunders behov. Inga höjningar, en del säkningar och många förbättringar!

Vi har nu större paket som passar bra för stora organisationer eller för videoproducenter med flera kunder. Lösningar för streaming från event eller annan kort-tids användning (sportsändningar, konferenser exempelvis). Vi har också lösningar för mer avancerad livestreaming, såsom transkoderingdär man vill ha transkodering av strömmarna till olika format.

Read more about our updated streaming platform plans here

Improved test accounts

Our free test accounts have been upgraded to allow our users to try out our Online Video Platform. We now allow five times the storage – 5GB of free storage per account for videos. And the distribution is 25 times larger – 25GB of transfer. 25 GB of transfer equals more than 50 viewing hours of video in Streamio HQ 480P, so it gives plenty of room for video distribution. We still provide full access to our API, if you want to integrate Streamio’s video storage, encoding, and distribution functionality (great for developers) and our worldwide distribution. Two changes to our terms of service will require the test account users attention: Videos uploaded or modified in any other way on test accounts will carry a Streamio watermark. An account upgraded to any of our paid plans will have the watermarks removed. Also from now on, we require user activity in order to provide this free lunch – test accounts need to be renewed every month – failure to do so will freeze the account, and after a grace period, the account is removed. Paid accounts do not require renewal.  All terms and condition is available here: http://www.rackfish.com/legal We hope you will enjoy our large and free test accounts!

Improved Youtube-sharing

One of the advantages with Streamio is that – from within itself – it is possible to share videos directly to social media like YouTube. You can also publish to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and take advantage

of these social network’s features as well as having a “clean” Streamio movie published on the own company webpage or in a mailing.

We have improved the functionality in the YouTube sharing with some new features. You are now able to share video files:

Under Privacy Settings you can choose whether the video that has been uploaded is public (anyone can see it), unlisted (only people with

an URL to the video can see it), or private (a list of users defined by you directly on the YouTube webpage) can see it. These can consist of Google+ names, Google+ circles or specific people (email addresses).

Under Allow Comments you are able to allow comments, allow moderated comments where you accept them before they go public, or simply disallow comments altogether.


If you check the Allow Rating box, you allow users to rate your video.

The comment functionality is especially important since not everyone has the resources to monitor yet another social network and bad comments can be left unanswered. 

Turkey unblocking Youtube

Turkey has once again opened up for usage of Youtube, after a 2 month ban. Streamio has been working without problems during this ban, which has been confirmed by our Turkish users.

Most people look on Youtube as a video network, when it is more a social media of user generated content, with users, follower, groups, comments and other elements that is not always allowed in all countries.

With the Streamio platform it is easy to distribute movies both via the Streamio player for sharing on websites and newsletters, AND via Youtube as well. Since the Streamio player works in places where Youtube has problems (such as China and until recently Turkey among other countries), it is ideal to use as a base for your video communication.

With Streamio it is also easy to share on Youtube and other social networks, in order to not miss out on the crowd found there.

Our usual recommendation is to use both Streamio and Youtube. Youtube has massive numbers of viewers, but you might prefer to have your own website equipped with the Streamio player to get a streaming experience that is more solid and to reach regions where Youtube is blocked or is having performance issues.