Live production – 5 steps to the viewer

live production streaming

How is a live-streamed production created? 1. Production Live productions are created by a person or team, using a mobile phone or professional equipment. Read more below under “Live production” 2. Ingestion To reach out, you must first encode the video and then send up to a Video platform like Streamio – Further down we […]

Live streaming statistics – results within 5 seconds

live streaming statistics

We’ve long integrated Streamio with Google Analytics because many of our customers use it – but sometimes it’s not advanced statistics creators are looking for, but answers to the question: How many are watching? Stats are crucial during live streaming. If you can get instant feedback on how viewers behave, you can adapt to it. […]

Live streaming for all customers and Live-channels released!

playkanaler från streamio

We’ve just released more great additions to Streamio. First – we have gradually enabled live-streaming on all paid accounts. So now it is easy to test live-streaming if you haven’t already! As you might already seen we’ve also recently added functionality for channels in Streamio: Free Channels in all accounts Design channels with logo and […]

Live stream interview, low latency

Live stream interview, low latency A new case published by Rackfish with live streaming under extreme circumstances using Streamio Live. Rackfish CDN is used for a massive distribution in the Nordic countries, with around 15 different streams distributed for different purposes and live RTMP-streaming for low-latency streaming for interaction with visitors. Low-latency streaming is one […]