Monetize your content with Smartclip Video Ads

April 19, 2011

We recently partnered with SmartClip (, Europe’s leading video advertisement network, to enable existing and future customers to effectively monetize their video content.

If you are a SmartClip customer, you can have your Streamio Video Players show Video Ads (i.e. Pre-rolls) before your own videos start playing – and these ads will run smoothly on iPads® and iPhones® too!

As usual, we have made it really, really easy for you to activate this feature.

All you have to do is to go to your “ACCOUNT SETTINGS” and select the “INTEGRATIONS” tab.

To activate Smartclip integration in your Streamio players, simply check the designated checkbox and hit the “Update your Account”-button:

Once this is done, just return to your video player library and select the player you want to show ads. As you will see, two new fields will appear under the main video screen:

Now, simply get the two URL:s that SmartClips has sent you and enter them in the respective fields (one is for Pre-roll ad delivery in Flash Players and one is for Pre-roll ad delivery to iPhone/iPads).

Then, save your settings – and you’re done! Your player will now start displaying Smartclip video ads before your own videos play.  

Please note that in order to show video ads, you first need to contact SmartClip directly and sign an agreement with them. For more information, please visit

We hope you will like this feature!

If you have any questions, just beep us a mail.

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